Free Municipal Towing Keeps Tow Operators Busy

There’s only one thing worse than getting caught in a heavy traffic jam during the morning commute: getting caught in heavy traffic jam on the way home. In order to avoid aggravating dangerous traffic jams on local roadways, a growing number of municipalities across the country are starting to offer free towing programs. The programs are keeping traffic moving and tow operators busy.

Free municipal towing programs are based on the premise that everyone is better off when broken-down cars are towed away to a safe area as soon as humanly possible. The idea is to get broken down cars off busy highways so that they do not impede traffic. As the traffic keeps flowing on the highway, tow operators can then address the situation with the car in a safe location.

A New Program in Houston

Although municipal towing programs are springing up across the country, Houston has a new program that might be worth modeling. Since May 2018, drivers in the Houston-Galveston region have had access to free municipal towing during breakdown situations. A driver simply calls the Tow and Go number to request assistance. A tow operator is dispatched to the scene where he or she collects the broken-down vehicle and tows it to a safe spot.

If the cause of the breakdown is a flat tire, Tow and Go offers free tire changing as well. The only requirement is that the car owner have a spare and the equipment necessary to change the tire. Tow and Go is not available for abandoned cars or vehicles involved in police-related actions, like motor vehicle accidents for example.

As for the tow operators, they are keeping busy. The more local residents hear about the program, the more often the operators are dispatched to Houston’s busy roadways. The program has been good for drivers, tow operators, and the city as well.

Operators Must Be on Their Toes

The key to successful municipal towing programs are the tow operators that make them work. Operators have to be ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their hook trucks and wreckers have to be kept in good working condition and properly equipped with tow chains, straps, hooks, winches, and emergency lighting.

A properly equipped truck driven by a competent operator is the linchpin to the whole thing. Why? Because the driver has to get in and out quickly to keep traffic moving. According to Ohio-based Mytee Products, that means tow truck drivers need to know what they are doing at all times. They need to be exceptionally proficient with their trucks and equipment.

A good tow operator can hook a broken-down car and get it off the highway in minutes. He or she knows just how to deploy hooks and chains in the safest possible way without having to spend a lot of time thinking about it. Indeed, hardly anyone notices when a good tow operator does his or her job because broken down cars are removed so quickly.

Thank Your Local Tow Operator

If you live in Houston or any one of the other municipalities across America offering free towing for broken-down cars, you enjoy a benefit not available to commuters in a lot of other cities. So take the time to thank your local tow operator for helping to keep traffic moving.

If it were not for the hard-working operators who do the often-dangerous work of collecting broken-down cars, municipal highways could be a lot worse. So kudos to free municipal towing programs and the operators who make them possible.