What You Should Know Before Renting a Car

Getting a rental car gives you a huge advantage over having to pay for a cab or wait for public transportation every time you need to go somewhere that’s not within walking distance. And that’s why you can depend on United Nissan and Tustin Nissan, owned by Don Forman, to give you amazing deals on rentals.

But, without proper planning, renting a car can be quite a headache. Time and again, you hear of people who have been caught up, only to end up paying for bills they could have well avoided.

So, to avoid this being you here’s a car rental checklist.

Before Picking Up the Rental

Ensure You Have the Right Documents

The DVLA introduced a digital code in 2015 to share driver information, including penalties and points with car rental companies. It replaced the paper counterpart to the photocard driving license. You will need this when you pick up your vehicle. It’s possible to generate this data on the DVLA’s website 21 days prior to pick up. Although, for a belt-and-braces approach, it’s best to have the paper counterpart as a backup.

Your credit card is another essential. There are not many companies that will let you drive away without giving them a security deposit. The deposit isn’t taken from your card, it’s simply blocked out till you return your rental. The credit card has to bear the name of the main driver.  There are companies that accept debit cards as well such as the Tustin and United dealerships.

Also, ensure your driving license is valid. There’s nothing that spoils your trip like going to collect your wheels only to discover it’s not legally possible to drive. It might take about 3 weeks or so to replace your license. Check in advance if your license is up to date before your trip.

Before Setting Off

Make Sure You Get the Contact Number

It’s advisable to get the contact number of the car rental company. Ideally, the depot’s direct line is a preferable option compared to the company’s general number. This way, in case the vehicle stutters to a halt, you’ll want to hear a familiar voice on the other end of the line, not an automated voice message.

Book Early

Booking early offers you the flexibility of pricing and choice. Longer lead times translate to better rates, a wider selection, and more available vehicles. If you can’t arrive at the rental early, then at least be there on time. Even slight dilly-dallying can cost you an extra day.

Limit Insurance

It’s most likely that your existing policy covers your rental. But, confirm first with your insurance company, buying supplemental insurance only when needed. At the very least, you’ll need a good CDW (Collision-and-Damage Waiver) insurance. There are some credit cards with CDW if you use them to pay for your rental.

Once You Get Going

Keep the Number of Drivers to a Minimum

It’s advisable to keep a lid on the number of people you allow behind the wheel. Try having a maximum of two drivers; otherwise, you’ll end up paying more than you should.