Nissan’s long history being one of the most sought after used vehicles.


If you are considering a used car purchase in Rochester NY and a Nissan is at the top of your list, the following information provides a little insight into why a Nissan remains at the top of the reliability list.

Reliability Index

Vehicles are rated based on a reliability index that sets an industry average. The lower a vehicle scores based on the industry average, the higher it rates in reliability. For example, out of 32 brands, Nissan ranks ninth for reliability with an index of 88. In Nissan’s list of 100 most reliable models, it has targeted three that meet the level for dependability and reliability. These include the Micra, Qashqai, and the X-Trail.

Individual Models

Below are a few of the benefits noted for these three Nissan vehicles based on website reviews and statistics, customer reviews, and customer surveys.


  • Reliability index of approximately 34.
  • Low repair costs on average.
  • Dependable with 4/5 and 5/5 ratings.
  • High marks or brakes, bulbs, and electronics.


  • Reliable with an index of 33.
  • Less expensive repair costs.
  • Durable and long-lasting parts.


  • Reliable but with a higher index of 70.
  • Dependable with scores of 5/5
  • Meets industry standards on items such as wiper blades and filters.
  • Note – the Qashqai is a more expensive vehicle, which means parts and repairs are generally also more expensive.

Factors that Affect Nissan Reliability

One of the main reasons Nissan vehicles are considered reliable is due to their longevity. Another reason is their affordability. While Nissan’s come with plenty of standard equipment, some like the Micra and Note are not overly equipped with technology, which keeps the reliability factor at a positive rating. The more technology a vehicle has, like the Qashqai and the X-Trail, the higher the chances something will break leading to expensive repairs.