United and Tustin Nissan: Best Dealerships for Pre-owned Units

Owning a good vehicle can be beneficial in several ways, especially in the modern world we live in today. It is a secure way to commute, it allows free independent movement, and can be a symbol of prestige for many.

If you are on a budget, you can opt for a pre-owned car. In dealerships like Tustin and United Nissan run by Don Forman, you can get cars with low mileage at a fraction of the cost. Here are a few reasons why they are the best dealership for pre-owned units.

Variety of Options

The dealership should have varying options when it comes to pre-owned units. The units should be taken through rigorous inspections and categorized accordingly.

Don Forman has adopted a system of categorizing vehicles at his Tustin and United Nissan dealerships. The units are thoroughly inspected by qualified staff and categorized as either “premium”, “above average”, “advertiser”, or “wholesale”. These categories allow the customer to determine exactly what they are buying.

Friendly and Salespeople

One of the most common complaints by customers of dealerships that sell second-hand cars is that the staff are not friendly, or that they do not provide valuable information regarding the state and condition of units they wish to buy.

The Tustin and United Nissan dealerships have adopted a carefully planned system for its sales staff. The production and sales staff is categorized into several teams. These groups of staff have the highest level of training in providing information to customers and responding to their queries.

Efficient Service

Besides equipping the staff with the highest level of training, Don Forman’s dealerships have attuned their system to be effective in providing its services quickly and efficiently.

The system he developed for his dealerships in Las Vegas was honed by incorporating a system he learned while working at another dealership. “I learned the system of categorizing units and customers at the Doug Spedding dealerships in Denver,” says Forman.

His current system keeps track of all metrics related to sold units, customer traffic, and the responsiveness of the sales team in attending to the customers. “I don’t want to miss a beat on our customers, sales and inventories and what’s happening in each category every single day,” he said in a past interview.

His dealership has been developing a new delivering system that incorporates new technologies. The two dealerships United and Tustin continue to be the number one choice for many pre-owned car customers.